Google Breakfast Briefings in Dublin 2016

Google Breakfast Briefings have been run by Google in Dublin for the past two years. Due to the success of the Google Breakfast Briefings series in 2014 and 2015, Google will be running another year long series in 2016. What are the Google Breakfast Briefings? They are 90 minute breakfast events hosted in the Foundry at the Google European Headquarters on Barrow Street in Dublin. As well as...
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Guide To Digital Conferences in Dublin 2016

Last week I posted a Guide to Digital Trainings in Dublin for February & March. I'll post about digital trainings coming up in Q2 soon. This week I've compiled a list of digital conferences in Dublin for 2016. I think this is a comprehensive list of the main digital conferences in Dublin this year. If further conferences are announced I'll update this list. The conferences span a large...
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Guide to Digital Trainings in Dublin – Feb & March 2016

I've spent a lot of time researching digital events in Dublin that I can attend for networking recently. Events generally fall into 2 categories: conferences and trainings. They vary in length, price and primary focus area. There isn't one site you can visit to get information on all events. This means you could easily miss an event that meets your needs or suits your budget. I've compiled...
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WhatsApp Web

Use WhatsApp Web At Your Desk To Improve Productivity

Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time at your desk picking up your phone to reply to WhatsApp messages? Is your phone constantly buzzing on your desk with WhatsApp notifications? Is the constant distraction a drain on your productivity as well as annoying? ...
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Online Trading Voucher

Online Trading Voucher Scheme – €2500 Grant

As part of the National Digital Strategy, the government is offering a grant in the form of an online trading voucher to companies wishing to grow their business using digital technology... The National Digital Strategy The National Digital Strategy is an initiative by the government to help citizens, businesses and educational institutions embrace the opportunities that arise from using...
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