I’ve spent a lot of time researching digital events in Dublin that I can attend for networking recently. Events generally fall into 2 categories: conferences and trainings. They vary in length, price and primary focus area. There isn’t one site you can visit to get information on all events. This means you could easily miss an event that meets your needs or suits your budget.

I’ve compiled lists of digital trainings and conferences that I have discovered. Today I’m posting a list of digital trainings in Dublin for February and March. These digital trainings in Dublin are generally up to 1 day in length. I have not posted academic courses of a longer duration. I’ll post a list of conferences later in the week. I intend to keep my site updated with new conferences and digital trainings in Dublin each month. I hope this overview will help you choose the right events, allowing you to achieve your networking and digital learning goals.

Have I missed any digital trainings in Dublin? Are there any that you would like me to add? If so, please leave a comment, send me an email to colin@firstratedigital.com or submit a contact request.

Digital Trainings in Dublin – February 2016

Training Host Date Primary Focus Price
Social Media Strategy Workshop Athena Media Training 19/2 Social Media €120
Online Marketing & Social Media LEO Dublin City 23/2 Digital Marketing €40
How To Create A Free Website LEO Fingal 23/2 Advanced WordPress €40
Facebook For Business – Beginners LEO Fingal 25/2 Social Media €40
Twitter For Business Workshop Athena Media Training 26/2 Social Media €105

Digital Trainings in Dublin – March 2016

Training Host Date Primary Focus Price
Digital Marketing Strategy Mulley Communications 2/3 Digital Marketing €250
Advanced Twitter For Business LEO Dublin City 2/3 Social Media €40
Social Media For Business Irish Times Training 4/3 Social Media €500
SEO Bootcamp Be:Dynamic 4/3 SEO €125
Trading Online Voucher Session LEO Dublin City 9/3 Doing Business Online Free
Digital & Social Media Bootcamp Digital Media Training 9/3 Digital Marketing €75
Trading Online Voucher Session LEO Fingal 10/3 Doing Business Online Free
Digital Marketing Techniques LEO Fingal 11/3 Doing Business Online €25
LinkedIn For Business Workshop LEO Fingal 15/3 Social Media €40
Search Engine Optimisation Irish Times Training 19/3 SEO €250
Social Media For Business Irish Times Training 22/3 Social Media €500
Social Media For Business Irish Times Training 29/3 Social Media €500
Boost Your Business With Facebook Facebook 31/3 Social Media Free
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