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Sales & Revenue

Help creating and implementing digital marketing and e-commerce strategies to drive new leads, sales and revenue.

Increasing leads and sales via online channels is a key first step for many businesses when exploring the online world. I can assist with planning new strategies or review existing ones and make improvement recommendations. I can also assist with the implementation of strategies where required.

Areas I cover include:

Paid Advertising e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook
Search Engine Optimisation
Email Marketing
Social & Content Marketing
E-commerce enablement
Conversion & Website Optimisation

Customer Experience

Help with offering your customers a first rate experience when they interact with your brand online. Ensure positive customer experiences to drive repeat business and promote positive word of mouth.

Customers increasingly expect great experiences each time they interact with your brand beit when browsing on your website, when making a purchase, when looking for answers via your support channels or when engaging with your content. Poor experiences will quickly drive them to look for alternatives.

I can assist with reviewing how your customers engage with your brand and make recommendations on how their experiences can be improved. This will help ensure your customers have a good feeling about your brand, make repeat purchases and speak highly about your brand to others.

Areas I can review and advise on include:

Website optimisation
Customer support
Customer engagement

Reduce Costs &
Improve Productivity

Help reviewing current business systems and processes and where appropriate implement online tools to reduce costs while improving business productivity.

When developing a digital strategy, businesses often focus solely on marketing and engaging with customers. However these are only two components of a complete digital strategy.

Outside of these areas, there is a wide range of online products and tools that can help any business run its operations more cost effectively and efficiently

I can assist reviewing businesses processes and applications to cut costs and improve productivity across organisational functions such as sales, marketing, finance, product and engineering.

Areas I can review and advise on include:

Communication infrastructures
Cloud storage and collaboration
Finance, invoicing & expense systems
Customer relationship management systems
Workflow & ticketing systems
Customer support systems